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Studies week #12

Studies week 10 + Royal Fellas

Last week was Master Studies Week so I spent my daily study time in these two master studies (I finished the Bouguereau study this morning though). Different kind of studies but still learning new things 🙂

Photoshop CS3 : 10 hours

Photoshop CS3: 15-16 hours

Last Saturday we had another session of The Royal Fellas with the special guest Trevor Claxton, and later Kekai Kotaki and Daniel Warren jumped into the conversation too. The topic was a dragon child……but I designed a dragon warrior XD

2 speedies + studies week 9

I painted this speedy yesterday because I was still tired from the bloodsports to start working on the new one or continue/start with another complex painting so I thought it’d be good to paint from imagination, just for fun. To make it more challenging I tried to just paint, no line drawing (I feel more comfortable with lines).

I painted it in 2.5h in Photoshop CS3


Studies Week #8

There were some changes this week in my usual way to do the studies. This time I didn’t record all the studies on livestream because I used some livestream sessions to draw sketches in order to make a bit more interesting and varied my lives. Then not all the studies were painting studies. This time I did some gesture drawings to study anatomy.

All these studies are related in some way to the Bloodsports #8 as the sketches I drew on livestream are. I need to start using my studies in a smarter way (not every study needs to be super rendered and polished) and apply them.

As last words, I want to say that I painted the female bust study following a tutorial by Daarken. You can find it HERE.

UPDATE: I forgot to say that for the third session of gesture drawing I used this website:

Intense study of clothing

I’ve been doing a clothing study in the last 6-7 weeks? I don’t know the total number of hours spent because some week I could advance only one hour but others 4 or 5. The paper size is 100cm x 70cm, done with charcoal.


Ultimate life drawing collection

Life drawings from this month.

Charcoal, 50cm x 70cm, 3h 30min


Studies Week #7 + Royal Fellas

Here are the studies of this week. I’m not very happy with the result of the latest ones, not sure if it was for the time spent, the pain in my hand or I was just tired. I’ll try to get better results next week. At least, 7 days = 7 studies 🙂

And here are the speedies from the last 2 Royal Fellas Challenges. Both painted in 2h30min.

Day 24th, topic: Sci-Fi Priest. Not bad at all


Studies on livestream Week #6

Here’s the compilations of all the studies from the last week. I couldn’t post them yesterday because as some of you already know, I was busy refining my last environment illustration for 20 hours (I’ll post it in the next few days) ending up at 7AM…..I’m glad last week I could, again, do 7 different studies for the 7 days.

Someone asked me to upload my studies with a bigger resolution, this doesn’t mean I’m going to do it every week because the files are heavy, but for this week, here you have it 🙂

Remember to check my livestream channel if you want to see the process of painting 🙂

Painting for Japan + This week’s studies

Today I was painting for 14 hours on livestream for Japan as I said yesterday. Well, actually I said 12 hours but I painted for 2 more because I had some issues with my internet connection.

I painted this illustration in the 14 hours, from the very first sketches, to the final result, looking for references and talking with my viewers.

At first I thought about an illustration showing the disaster occurred in Japan last year, but I looked at some pictures of those places now and they look calm, so I worked on a different idea. Here you can see a woman with her children, building their new house (the father died) and she’s begging the sea and the radioactivity (represented by those monsters) to stay calmed down.


3 new life drawings

Just posting some new life drawings. I drew the first one today with charcoal in 1h30min on a 50cmx70cm canvas. The other two, with pencil, in 2 hours on a A3 size paper. I still feel more comfortable with pencil, but I like the results I can achieve with charcoal 🙂


Environment design course Week #6: a new piece for my portfolio

Last week’s assignment for the environment design course was to choose one of the thumbnails from the previous week and take to final illustration. It took me far longer than expected but I’m glad with the result and all I learned. I don’t know how many hours I worked on it, but it’s been a whole week…..Too much in my opinion but basically for the amount of mistakes and lack of experience. Here you have the “step by step”, and the final illustration, which is now included in my portfolio 🙂

Studies on livestream Week #4

After today’s Livestream and dinner, I wanted to finish an illustration I’m working on before posting this and other stuff. But I only slept 1 hour in the last 42 hours so….I’m almost dead and I’ve been for two hours in front of the computer without painting that much… I’m going to finish it tomorrow…..I’m human after all

There are onlu 5 studies but I worked on the medieval bag in two different days and same thing for the princess.


And now, time to sleep

Studies on livestream Week #3 + Life drawing

Here are the studies of this week. I continue doing the studies every day but there are only 5 because 2 of them (the city and the bike) took me two days. The bike was specially complex since I drew it with lines trying to practice the perspective and understan the shapes.

Remember you can watch all the studies on my livestream channel on demand.



I knew some Crimson Daggers were doing something called “Deathline” but I didn’t know what exactly it was till today, when I read the inspiring post on Dan Warren’s blog about the Deathline Challenge.

Since I came back from San Francisco I’ve been working harder than ever but still a bit disorganized. I even made a schedule a couple of weeks ago and, while things like livestreams started working better, others not.

I got some good advices in San Francisco to keep working on what I like and improve my work. But it’s like, while knowing what I want to do in the future, I didn’t define my goals very well for a concrete time.

Here’s where the Deathline challenge comes. My 3 goals for the next 365 days

1. At least an hour study every day. Maybe some days I paint more studies or spend more time on them, but that’s the minimun requeriment. I’ll try to record all my studies on livestream, but in case I can’t, I’ll upload them here later anyway.

2. Get a job related to what I’m doing and I like. Concept art, design or illustration. A graphic novel is another work I’m interested in, specially after getting some tips by Aleksi Briclot last year, but it maybe can wait a little more. This point involves having a professional portfolio, with impressive pieces in it.

3. Do some excercise, running a couple of days a week or whatever. I’m only 26 and my legs hurt as hell because I’m almost all the day sitting. I always feel like losing my time because I could be drawing in the time spent for excercise, but it’s healthy and refresh my mind, just have to be less lazy in that sense.

There are a lot of things I have to work on, but they could be included in the 2nd point. Let’s see next year, same day, taking a look at this post, if I was able to accomplish my goals, and see how I improved my self in “just” a year.

Studies on livestream Week #2

Here is the compilation of the studies from this week. This time I spent a bit more time in some of the studies. Some require more time to do a decent study because of the difficulty of the picture used as reference.

Remember that I usually stream at  9AM CET everyday but some days I can’t stream at that time and I do it later. Those times I notify my delay by twitter and facebook.

You can find all the videos in my livestream channel

Hope you like it.

Environment design course week 4

This week we started painting thumbnails with color 🙂

Studies on livestream Week #1

Here is the result of the first week doing livestreams everyday. Some of the studies are not as finished as others because I spent a bit time on the chat with my viewers….I should use the mic but it’s difficult to talk at 9AM in the morning. Well, in fact, for me is difficult to talk to a mic at any time XD

Remember you can see the painting progress on my Livestream Channel

Still life, env. design w3 and schedule not working perfectly yet

Well, I had 4 submissions for today but again it’s like they were too much to my still “bad” time management so:

– Assignment for the environment design course done but I could do it better in rendering with more time.

– Crimson Daggers Bloodsports imposssible to finish in time with a result I like. But I will be working on it till the last minute (I don’t easily give up), then I’ll rest (only slept 90 minutes in the last 30 hours) and continue again because I’m really excited with that illustration and want to get a good result from it.

– WipNation challenge: Still in progress and no time to finish it.

– Challenge on CGHUB: I didn’t even start with it.

So after this reflection, here are:

– The assignment of this week for the env. course


HUGE update

Some important notes before showing the new stuff from the last days.

I’m more motivated than ever but I feel like sometimes I get easily distracted or my time management is not as good as it could be so I finally made my schedule. The other day I wrote a post about my new livestream channel and now I stablished a time to do it everyday at the same time.

I will be ON for an hour on livestream everyday at 9AM CET starting at February 6th. The livestreams will be focused mostly for studies and they will be available on demand later.

Now you can follow me on twitter. I’ll try to keep my account active at least to notify updates and livestream sessions.

I also made a facebook page so you can “like” me and follow me there as well.

Now a look to my latest works. I continue taking part in CGHUB challenges but I noticed I need to be selective because I don’t have time for all of them. I could finish in time this Conan tribute for a Drawing Jam in a few hours but I couldn’t finish another work for the Anatomicae challenge. I’m going to finish the illustration I started as soon as possible anyway.


Environment design 01

I started this week an online course on CGMA about Environment Design with James Paick as instructor.

It’s really curious how just half a year ago I painted my first environment design (floating castle) and I felt so lazy for the amount of details, the difficulty of the perspective and it took me weeks to finish it. But now I totally love it, that’s why I joined the course.

My classmates are great and I’m so excited about learning from James so I’m going to put my best effort to don’t fall behind.

Here are some studies I painted taking movie shots as reference or painting from imagination.


I started a livestream channel in which I record my process of painting. There is no schedule yet (so I can’t say a specific time for the specific days) and the subjects go from challenges for sites like CGHUB or CRIMSON DAGGERS to studies of anything.

It helps me to not get distracted and to get feedback from other people. Maybe someone can find my streams helpful as well.

Hope you enjoy it 🙂

Life drawing + Wizard’s Familiar challenge

My entry for the CGHUB – Creature FORGE – Wizard’s Familiar


Sketches + Studies 01

First to all, I wanted to show some of the sketches I drew in San Francisco, the first one drawn on the plane and the others in the sketching sessions.