Concept art, Illustration

2 speedies + studies week 9

I painted this speedy yesterday because I was still tired from the bloodsports to start working on the new one or continue/start with another complex painting so I thought it’d be good to paint from imagination, just for fun. To make it more challenging I tried to just paint, no line drawing (I feel more comfortable with lines).

I painted it in 2.5h in Photoshop CS3

Then I wanted to paint a new one, in the same time, but using line drawing to see if I could get a better result, but after two failures I painted another, that I have to finish this morning because I fell asleep. This one took me 3 hours, and I don’t think it’s better than the previous one, but at least is more complex.

And finally, the studies from last week. There was a day in which the studies were composition studies, I didn’t include them because I consider them a different kind of study. And also I lost a couple of quick studies for the bloodsports, I didn’t save them for some reason….-_-

About all the faces you see there, I took a lot of pictures of myself to practice facial expressions very quickly, the range of time spent is 5-15 minutes each.


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