Concept art, Illustration


Name: Israel Alvarez Carrion

Location: Barcelona

Current professional situation: Available for freelance and full time

Bio: I was born in Alicante, Spain, and for a long time I wanted to become a comic artist but the environment around me and my interest in technology took me to study computer engineering at University in Barcelona. In the meantime I worked in a japanese school where I started learning the language and then in an office, just to realize I was not dedicating my life to my true passion.

Back to the arts, between 2008-2011 I worked on the characters, background and animations for all  the games developed by Tanoku.

Since 2010 I´ve been attending some short-term online courses such as environment design at CGMA or in-class at FZD, and going to events like the Massive Black or Schoolism workshops. I´m constantly willing to learn new things and improve to become a better concept artist and illustrator. My love for traveling allowed me to go anywhere needed to be able to continue my career.

In 2013 I finally got my first in house position working as concept artist at Rare in the UK.

Projects: Kinect Sports Rivals, Tanoku games (Mike Shadow: I paid for it!, More Zombies, Kansen and many others)

Publications: Fantasy Artist, art book “S”, LMS killbook of a bounty hunter, Lux, Substrata

Others: IHMAN 3D School (Environment and mech designs)

Languages: English, Japanese, Spanish, Catalan