Concept art, Illustration

Still life, env. design w3 and schedule not working perfectly yet

Well, I had 4 submissions for today but again it’s like they were too much to my still “bad” time management so:

– Assignment for the environment design course done but I could do it better in rendering with more time.

– Crimson Daggers Bloodsports imposssible to finish in time with a result I like. But I will be working on it till the last minute (I don’t easily give up), then I’ll rest (only slept 90 minutes in the last 30 hours) and continue again because I’m really excited with that illustration and want to get a good result from it.

– WipNation challenge: Still in progress and no time to finish it.

– Challenge on CGHUB: I didn’t even start with it.

So after this reflection, here are:

– The assignment of this week for the env. course

– Some still life studies I did last month. It was the first time I drew with charcoal so each drawing took me ages, but I enjoy my new tool 😀


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