Concept art, Illustration

WorkshopSF – 3rd Day

Sorry for the delay, but I was busy. I’m writing about the two last days of the workshop while I’m waiting for my flight at the International Airport San Francisco.

In the morning of the first day I was watching the live demo by Aleksi Briclot. It was the first time I saw his process of painting and had some surprises, really interesting.

I also wanted to go the classrom to hear the class about perspective by Carl Dobsky but again, you know, I can’t split my body.

After the lunch, in the classroom a talk about the sketchbooks by Marko, Wes and Daniel C. We could see some of their sketchbooks with impressive stuff, and ask all the questions we wanted. Very interesting.

Then I took a look to the live demos about mech design before going to talk to Aleksi. He showed me the second part of his presentation about the making of the comic Spawn. For me it was like a private lessons of 2 hours, a very unique and helpful exprerience. I was very thankful for that.

Then to close another great day of the workshop, a presentation about character design by Jason Chan, Wes and Nox. So many interesting stuff, and impressive designs and illustrations never see before.

The third day there wasn’t any party, but by that time I knew people enough to go with them to have dinner and do another sketching session.


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