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WorkshopSF – 4th Day

And finally, the day of the portfolio reviews. I was listening the talk about the industry by Marko, Coro and others before the lines for the reviews started.

I got feedback by Nox, Joel, Jason, Wes and Carl. I know that I’m still a beginner but it was very helpful to hear them telling me the things I have to improve.

There were some companies there like Sucker Punch or Kabam but I didn’t even try because I know I have nothing intesting for them right now.

After that a round table with some professionals talking about how they started and arrived where they are. Very interesting.

To close the workshop there was a raffle and they gave a lot of packs with great items in them, but I didn’t know about it and didn’t get any tickets. Anyway, I wouldn’t have any space in my suitcase for all these things….

And again in the evening a meeting with the people I met here, such a nice day to close such a great workshop.


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