Concept art, Illustration


Back to the last assignment

Last weekend I got back to the last assignment I did for FZD. Some of you maybe remember how I tried to polish a bit more the work with values on my livestream after the class and how I posted that result here. But I thought was a piece worth to put in the portfolio so I added color and refined a bit more. Hope you like it


Last update from Singapore

The courses at FZD are over, today I had the last class and only 4 days left in this country. So sad, but already thinking on my next movements over the next weeks, basically, work on my portfolio….

The courses are almost over :(

A few more stuff

Another week here

Almost 4 weeks here, soon I’ll have to leave and I didn’t even start doing sightseeing over the city……so sad 😦

The references for the rendering studies are from the Gnomon DVDs of Scott Robertson.

Another week around here

With all the amount of work I have the feeling I don’t finish the works as well as I’d like but no time for more 😦 Anyway, glad to finally get into vehicles 😀

First 10 days in Singapore

Stuff done for FZD or on my livestream for fun