Concept art, Illustration


Japanese wasteland and Santa



November sketches

Here’s a compilation of all the daily traditional sketches I did this month. One page everyday spending 1-2 hours on each.


Two more environments

2 more sci-fi enviros


A few more daily sketches

Back to the ballpoint pen

I’m working on a set of design for the portfolio that I’ll show as soon as I finish them. In the meanwhile, I got back to sketching with ballpoint pen (last ones were in Singapore in July) motivated by a few people around me who sketch in traditional so I do one sketchbook page everyday. It’s enjoyable to relax and take a break from the serious stuff, and hopefully my drawing skills will get better too. I’ll post more pages when I have another bunch, sorry for the bad image quality, pictures taken with camera.

Back to the last assignment

Last weekend I got back to the last assignment I did for FZD. Some of you maybe remember how I tried to polish a bit more the work with values on my livestream after the class and how I posted that result here. But I thought was a piece worth to put in the portfolio so I added color and refined a bit more. Hope you like it

Meme, cars and crap sketches

I saw many people doing this but it wasn’t will the other day when Brent did it that I was motivated to redraw an old piece. I’m glad I did it, because here you can see all the days with lack of sleep, all the days saying my friends I preferred to stay at home working, my interest on learning from many different artists, the headaches those days struggling or my fights against distractions…THIS IS NOT TALENT, THIS IS HARD WORK.

I have to say I spent more time on the new one, but, last year was not a matter of time, I knew almost nothing about anatomy, light and color, design, etc.

I still have to improve a lot so, keep the hard work!!

A few car designs inspired by a sketch Scott Robertson posted the other day on Facebook.

A couple of sketches

Line art and Greg

In order a drawing of Asakuda, Japan, and Greg, a character/creature design.