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WorkshopSF – 1st Day

I didn’t write anything about the day before but I could meet some artists staying at the same hotel, have a sketch session together and dinner. Everyone was amazing, and for me that in some way just started last year with digital painting was a bit embarrassing showing my portfolio. They even liked more my work with games but come on, just give me some time.

Then the first day of the event I could go the way to SOMArts with one of the people I met the day before. I could enter the event before others because I was awesome! (not really, just paid a little more to get the awesome package haha)

Seeing all those top artists in front of me was very impressive.

I spent most of the day in the classroom. The first one was a weapon design class by Coro, then after lunch vehicle design by Kemp Remillard. These two artists are not only good with the art they do, but also teaching because they’re so funny. It was easier to understand and remember everything with all the jokes they did.

The class by Aleksi Briclot was delayed and it’s a shame he couldn’t finish his presentation because of the time. The story about comics he was talking about was really interesting, and I wanted to see the second part where he was going to show the process to make Spawn. He apologized many times for his english but I think it’s far better than mine hehe And I like his french accent.

At the breaks between classes I took a look at the live demos by JS Rossbach, Mathias Verhasselt, Nox, Wes, Keikai Kotaki, etc. And I could also see part of the making of the Transient by Coro at the black box theater.

After the workshop we went to the Massive Black Party. Walking the streets of San Francisco at night with rainy weather made me so cold, I was even shivering. But anyway, I was there till 2AM talking to other artists. I could talk to Marko Djurdjevik and Jason Chan and they were very kind but I felt kind of stupid because I didn’t really know what to say, I could only say them how much I like their work and that I’m doing my best to be someday a good artist. I don’t know why but talking to Nox and Coro was easier to me. I also wanted to talk to Aleksi but he looked busy.

I can’t finish this post without talking about the networking. It’s not only the instructors who make this great, there are also a lot of great people here who already are, or someday will be fantastic artists. I can’t stop trying my best!


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