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Living AfricaLiving Africa by Steve Bloom

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Fantastic book. I love all the pictures in it and the stories Steve tells us through its pages. It’s a great reference book with so many things related to the people, animals and places in Africa. I didn’t know most of them. It’s curious how beautiful are some pictures showing how dangerous can this continent be.

I’d like to quote Steve with a couple of paragraphs you can read in the book:

“My new book, Living Africa, is a fleeting glimpse of the Africa I love. It is not intended to be an encyclopaedic or comprehensive study of its inhabitants. The continent is so vast that such a goal is unattainable. This is a personal impression, an attempt to capture something of the heartbeat that throbs across the continent. I hope that you will find flashes of that spark of life connecting us all, celebrating moments of joy, moments of sadness and some of the magic in between.”

“Our human ancestors came from Africa. HEre the earliest fossils were found. Here is where our very humanity developed: our capacity for war and violence, compassion and courage. Africa has it all”

Most of the images are full-page shown, but you can find a good explanation for each one at the end of the book.

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