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Bloodsports #9 and Livestream character speedies

Bloodsports #9 is over and I learned a lot but again at the end I wasn’t able to finish the illustration, but I’ll continue working on it in the future.


And a couple of character sketches from last night and this morning’s livestreams

Studies week 10 + Royal Fellas

Last week was Master Studies Week so I spent my daily study time in these two master studies (I finished the Bouguereau study this morning though). Different kind of studies but still learning new things 🙂

Photoshop CS3 : 10 hours

Photoshop CS3: 15-16 hours

Last Saturday we had another session of The Royal Fellas with the special guest Trevor Claxton, and later Kekai Kotaki and Daniel Warren jumped into the conversation too. The topic was a dragon child……but I designed a dragon warrior XD

Bloodsports #8 is over

Bloodsports #8 is over. I submitted it last night but I didn’t post the final illustration yet because I want to refine it a bit more. I wanted to show some of the material I did for the process though.


Studies Week #8

There were some changes this week in my usual way to do the studies. This time I didn’t record all the studies on livestream because I used some livestream sessions to draw sketches in order to make a bit more interesting and varied my lives. Then not all the studies were painting studies. This time I did some gesture drawings to study anatomy.

All these studies are related in some way to the Bloodsports #8 as the sketches I drew on livestream are. I need to start using my studies in a smarter way (not every study needs to be super rendered and polished) and apply them.

As last words, I want to say that I painted the female bust study following a tutorial by Daarken. You can find it HERE.

UPDATE: I forgot to say that for the third session of gesture drawing I used this website:

Studies Week #7 + Royal Fellas

Here are the studies of this week. I’m not very happy with the result of the latest ones, not sure if it was for the time spent, the pain in my hand or I was just tired. I’ll try to get better results next week. At least, 7 days = 7 studies 🙂

And here are the speedies from the last 2 Royal Fellas Challenges. Both painted in 2h30min.

Day 24th, topic: Sci-Fi Priest. Not bad at all


Studies on livestream Week #6

Here’s the compilations of all the studies from the last week. I couldn’t post them yesterday because as some of you already know, I was busy refining my last environment illustration for 20 hours (I’ll post it in the next few days) ending up at 7AM…..I’m glad last week I could, again, do 7 different studies for the 7 days.

Someone asked me to upload my studies with a bigger resolution, this doesn’t mean I’m going to do it every week because the files are heavy, but for this week, here you have it 🙂

Remember to check my livestream channel if you want to see the process of painting 🙂

Painting for Japan + This week’s studies

Today I was painting for 14 hours on livestream for Japan as I said yesterday. Well, actually I said 12 hours but I painted for 2 more because I had some issues with my internet connection.

I painted this illustration in the 14 hours, from the very first sketches, to the final result, looking for references and talking with my viewers.

At first I thought about an illustration showing the disaster occurred in Japan last year, but I looked at some pictures of those places now and they look calm, so I worked on a different idea. Here you can see a woman with her children, building their new house (the father died) and she’s begging the sea and the radioactivity (represented by those monsters) to stay calmed down.


The Royal Fellas – Dwarf yourself

Today’s topic was taking ourselves as reference and draw a dwarf. Here’s mine, done in photoshop in 3 hours. The design is pretty common, and it doesn’t really look like me, but, anyway, good exercise so far. Hope you like it 🙂

Studies on livestream Week #3 + Life drawing

Here are the studies of this week. I continue doing the studies every day but there are only 5 because 2 of them (the city and the bike) took me two days. The bike was specially complex since I drew it with lines trying to practice the perspective and understan the shapes.

Remember you can watch all the studies on my livestream channel on demand.


Studies on livestream Week #2

Here is the compilation of the studies from this week. This time I spent a bit more time in some of the studies. Some require more time to do a decent study because of the difficulty of the picture used as reference.

Remember that I usually stream at  9AM CET everyday but some days I can’t stream at that time and I do it later. Those times I notify my delay by twitter and facebook.

You can find all the videos in my livestream channel

Hope you like it.

Studies on livestream Week #1

Here is the result of the first week doing livestreams everyday. Some of the studies are not as finished as others because I spent a bit time on the chat with my viewers….I should use the mic but it’s difficult to talk at 9AM in the morning. Well, in fact, for me is difficult to talk to a mic at any time XD

Remember you can see the painting progress on my Livestream Channel