Concept art, Illustration


Another vehicle study

I’ll keep doing these till I feel fast and good enough to jump to my own designs


Study of a NIMR vehicle I just finished

Last update from Singapore

The courses at FZD are over, today I had the last class and only 4 days left in this country. So sad, but already thinking on my next movements over the next weeks, basically, work on my portfolio….

Dragon Fruit Bug

Creature design from tonight’s livestream

Mantis thing

Creature painted on last night’s livestream

Another week here

Almost 4 weeks here, soon I’ll have to leave and I didn’t even start doing sightseeing over the city……so sad 😦

The references for the rendering studies are from the Gnomon DVDs of Scott Robertson.

First 10 days in Singapore

Stuff done for FZD or on my livestream for fun