Concept art, Illustration

Space Lotus

Space Lotus is a personal project I started at the end of 2012. Worked on it for a few months and then left in stand by when moved to the UK for an in-house position. I recently started working on it again focusing on the environments for now taking profit of the environment design course I’m attending at CGMA. A lot of these pieces are Work in progress and will refine them or change them in the future, so I hope I can make this page more dynamic than it was back in the day. Once I start defining a bit more the world I will write about the story here but first I need to tie up a few things before.

week07_isracarrion IsraelCarrion_Week06_02_web IsraelCarrion_Week06_01_web

week2merged thumbnailsfinalmerged IsraelCarrion_Week04_01