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Online resources

Quite often people ask me for websites to post their work, get feedback, study, get inspired and so. After answering the same thing in private messages several times I thought it’d be better to make this page with all the links I know on that.

Giving you all these links doesn’t mean I’m active or I have experience in all of them but still wanted to add as many as possible so it’s up to you what sites are you going to visit more frequently or ignore. I encourage people to be active in as many places as possible to be known but you need to balance that because with so many available you could spend your whole day just in these websites and not get any work done.

I’m going to try to categorize them a little bit but keep in mind many of these work as forum, portfolio and learning place. Also, remember I’m a concept artist and illustratior, so though you might still find some links for 3D, comic, graphic design, animation, etc. you will have to dig more on your own for those. The links are sorted randomly so the order doesn’t mean anything in particular.

Have fun on the vast online art community.


Online education (online schools, self-taught material, blogs with useful information about the industry and tips, podcasts, etc)

CDW Studio



Gnomon workshop

Gnomon School

IHMAN 3D School

Skill share

New Masters academy

VFX Workshops


The art classes

Car body design

Tales of Amalthea

Muddy colors



Digital tutors

The collective podcast

Ctrl paint

Level up

Chris Oatley


Youtube (there are lots of artists uploading their process or making tutorials, just use the search bar, some examples: Scott Robertson, Alex Negrea, FZD, Sycra, Shaddy Safadi, Anthony Jones and many many many more)

Livestream list


Art hubs

Crimson daggers




Cg society

Draw crowd


Concept art

It’s art


Facebook (you can contact/follow other artists or join groups)




Sites featuring art

Nuthin but mech

Colored CG

Concept art world

2D Geek

Minor concept



Imagine FX

2D Artist

Fantasy artist

3D world




Art pact