Concept art, Illustration

Goodbye 2014

This is the last update of 2014. I hope everyone’s year’s been great, if it wasn’t, it’s over and let’s hope for a better one next. For me it had ups and downs (I guess it’s the same for most people) but we keep moving forward.

I’m gonna drop here a bunch of personal works, a few illustrations I did for HEX, the usual collection of spitpaints and 12 drawings I did for inktober. As I previously mentioned, after 6 years since last time I finally went back to Japan, this time with the goal of landing a job there in a video game company of my like, which has been my biggest dream since I was a kid. I had to deal with all sorts of things that didn’t leave me much time to draw, for example going back to a school I used to go in 2005 and 2006 to learn the japanese language, but it’s been all fulfilling experiences. This month I’ve been back to Barcelona, but then, what happened there? You will have to wait till next year to know 🙂

I hope you enjoy your last day of the year same as this art drop. See you soon. brainstorm1 merryxmas2014 creatures   hex2_isracarrion hex1_isracarrion spitpaintcollectionlast2014_isracarrion.com_small inktobercollection DSC04966


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